Shipping Policy


BagToPack ships goods from and to various locations globally. We process orders and ship products usually within 12 to 48 hours after the order is placed.

The shipping lead time could occasionally be longer than 48 hours due to one of the following reasons;

Issues with processing the payment method.
An undeliverable confirmation email that may rarely occur, due to misspelling of the email address or unverified email accounts.
Inaccuracy in the inventory count and out of stock products.


Depending on the country and location that a package is being shipped to, the delivery time can vary significantly. Most of our products are delivered in less than 20 business days, however, some packages may be delivered in less than 7 business days if they are shipped locally.


We update each order with one or multiple tracking numbers as soon as the item(s) in the order is/are shipped, and send you an automated email with the shipping update and tracking information. It usually takes some time for the tracking number to be valid on the shipping carrier’s tracking system, and in case of a global shipping, some carriers may have additional delays to update the package tracking information.


In rare cases that all or part of an order does not deliver within 25 business days of purchase, we start an investigation process and either ship you the same item again or issue a full refund for undelivered goods, based on your preference and availability.

[Last Update: Feb 15, 2019]